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Published: 18/03/2016

50 Beaches...ONE Wave

WOW! What a morning!

Today marks the 3rd birthday of One Wave is All it Takes - A surf community that for the last three years, every Friday, have dressed up in their craziest fluro outfits to surf at sunrise, do yoga or meet for coffee and chat...all with one purpose in mind - To raise awareness for mental health.

Statistics show that mental health affects 1 in 5 people.  But we all know more than 5 really it affects every single one of us.  We've all been through a tough patch at some stage, some much worse than others...  and often it can be hard to know how to talk to a person about it...many of us are scared to approach the subject and therefore shy away from it... (keep scrolling...)

This is the purpose of the fluro.  To put it right out there and get people talking.  Make people realise that it is nothing to be ashamed of... Just like you would ask someone how they were if they had a cast on their arm, why not ask someone how their head is doing?  The more we support eachother to talk more, the more we can encourage people to open up and to free the funks...and fight mental illness.

This morning, across 50 beaches throughout the world, hundreds to thousands of us joined hands for a very emotional minute silence to remember those unfortunate lives we have lost to mental illness.  We then created the world's largest fluro Mexican wave!...A wave that will keep on spreading around the world... a wave of love and support to let people know that nobody is alone and that it's ok not to be ok sometimes!

The only way we are going to beat a problem that people face alone is by standing strong together!

Happy 3rd Birthday One Wave! xxx

Special thanks to Steve Dube for the photos!

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