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Published: 02/01/2018

A New Year's Revolution!

I'm not really one for making yearly resolutions... I believe any day is a good day to start with good intentions, so long as you believe in it! It's no good saying “I'm going to give up peanut butter” just because it's the 1st January (and besides it's never gonna happen as 1. Why would I deny myself something I love so much? and 2. Ironically I am tucking into a jar right now as I'm typing this – so clearly it is my source of inspiration!)...

However I have been becoming more and more conscious of the choices I make, especially when purchasing food or gift items, and their social or environmental impact, and it's something that's been playing on my mind more and more..

I'll be honest, I'm not always an eco-perfect person at home. However I have strived from the beginning with a fine tooth comb to make Free Spirit a 100% sustainable, ethical yoga wear brand and I'm proud of all the efforts we have achieved so far. So now I want to reflect this in my personal day to day life as much as possible...

So I've started small. On Christmas Eve as I cursed myself for not giving myself time for the usual thoughtful hand-made gift, I madly racked my brain for a last minute present for my boyfriend... I searched the surf shops and almost settled on a nice pair of Billabong boardies but something inside me couldn't do it! “What am I doing?” I thought... “There's Manly Artisan markets right there, where I have (and started) my business and 50 fellow stall holders selling hand made, uniquely designed product made with raw passion... why do I want to go and put my $50 in the hand of another huge multi million dollar chain store? It's the exact opposite of all my values..”

I dropped the shorts and marched back to the markets and bought a beautiful pair of hand shaped, ethically made wooden sunglasses by Maguaco, a company owned by a gorgeous Colombian couple who are now my good friends. And, of course, he loved the present. Win, Win.

So now it is my intention, to avoid multi chain stores as much as possible.  And instead to only purchase from businesses and brands with a conscionse.  Brands who put efforts and meaning behind their product, whether by means of using organic or sustainable fabrics, fair trade or giving back to charities and good causes.  By putting a small amount of effort in, we can make a difference to a real person... and create a huge positive social impact!

Supporting the local cafes, boutiques & restaurants instead of going to multi chains, is an easy one here in Manly Beach, as we have many great affordable options.  Depending on where you live, though it can be a struggle.  Food shopping, especially, is going to be more of a challenge, to not just “pop to Coles” for the usual necessities... However, much is the same with any intentions, it is not about stopping something completely, but being more mindful in our choices, and if we all make a small change, and take things a day at a time, we can indeed make our own New Year's Revolutions!

Now who's with me?


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