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When our nervous system is calm, our immune system functions 1000 times better than when we are stressed, upset, angry or in anxious. We can eat all the right foods, have a regular exercise regime and regard ourselves as fit and healthy but if our nervous system is not in a calm state it can be like an open invitation for viruses to come to party in our bodies.

Just stop and think about the last time you were unwell.. The week/days leading up to that were you over worked? Upset & emotional about something? Been out partying too much? Burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough rest? When this happen our defences our down and we are forcing our immune systems to work over-time.. Eventually something has to give!

If we don't become aware of what's happening in our bodies and take a conscious break and rest when we need to, our bodies will always force us to eventually.

Here are 5 practices to factor into your daily life to help maintain a calm nervous system – which is the best defence we have!


1. Breathe

It sounds so simple, I know. And I am sure many of you reading this already have a regular practicing of conscious breathing, be it in meditation or your yoga practice, but taking time each day to JUST BREATHE for even for 10 minutes – deep conscious breaths, eyes closed, from the abdomen, filling up the lungs completely and with every exhale sending the breath with intention of healing to any and every part of the body that needs it.


2.  Use Essential Oils

This is my magic potion! - an absolutely magical recipe that I have also shared on IGTV. I swear by this and it's part of my bed time routine every night. Boil the kettle, pour the boiling water into a bowl and put 2 x drops of Tea Tree, 3 x drops of Eucalyptus and 3 x drops of Lavendar, cover your head with a towel and inhale for 5 minutes. The Tea Tree is anti-viral (helps to kill any virus!), the Eucalyptus opens the air ways and the Lavendar calms the nervous system (AND gives you a great night sleep!)

3. Yoga Asana

Of course a regular yoga practice helps to maintain a calm nervous system but for the moments where we find ourselves in distress the following poses can really help with calming the nervous system quickly!

- Inversions - My favourite is headstand, but equally Viparita Karani (laid on back legs up the wall), any standing forward fold, downward dog or shoulder stand have the immediate effect of calming. Hold for at least 10 deep breaths or as long as it takes!

- Balasana, Child's Pose – This pose helps us relax the shoulders, neck and back, which is where many of us hold tension, it also promotes a sense of safety (hence the name of Child's Pose!) which again creates a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

4. Spend Time Alone in Nature

Whether it's 20 minutes or 2 hours, try and get out in nature as much as possible. Even a short break away from your desk/housework/kids to breathe some fresh air, watch the sunset, watch the trees dance in the breeze puts a bigger perspective on the world and is instantly calming for the mind, body and soul. For extra grounding, walk barefoot and focus your intention on the sensations around you – how the Earth feels on your feet, how the air feels on your skin, the smells and sounds in your environment, even for just a few moments, let it just be you and the nature around. You'll come back feeling refreshed and much more peaceful.

5.  Listen to Your Body

For those with a regular yoga practice this may come a little easier, but it may not! For years I had my daily/weekly schedule of exercise classes planned out, which was great – it kept me fit and healthy. But now I have learned it is much more healthier for me to listen to my body and move consciously with more awareness depending on each day. So I start each morning in Tadasana and breathe and listen to what my body wants/needs. Do I feel any pain or discomfort? Is it crying out for some Yin and juicy hip openers? Is it full of energy and needs a firey practice or just feels like to run in nature? Just like life, we can plan as much as we wish from our heads, but if it's not in tune with the rythym of our bodies, if we are forcing ourselves to do things against what our bodies are telling us then this can easily create disharmony in the body and put our nervous system under pressure.

I will end this with an analogy that I am very fond of – Our bodies are like cars – if we don't stop for rest and fuel, if we just keep driving and driving we run out of gas. TAKE THE TIME to stop and take care of yourself, before the decision is no longer yours.


Love & Light to All!



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