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INNER ALCHEMY - How we can transform and transmute our emotions
As women we are often told we are "too emotional" - but I always greet this phrase with a smile.  What a blessing it is to be able to FEEL everything - ALL the emotions that we have in this human experience!
Sadness shows that we have felt joy, fear shows that we have felt strength, Anger shows that we have felt LOVE..
Of course if our emotions fluctuate excessively and extremely it can be exhausting, but learning how to surf the waves, by using our own inner alchemy not only brings more peace and ease of life but also empowers us!


ANGER is often seen as a not so "welcome" emotion.  Sometimes it can rise from what seems like nowhere and in unexpected places.  Many people project this anger onto others - Blaming external factors that then result on this often overwhelming sensation, but in actual fact that anger is often "hiding" under the surface waiting for the catalyst to be released!



1. Firstly RECOGNISE IT and FEEL IT.  
Acknowledging it rather than trying to push it down or ignore it is the first step to a healthy release of anger.  
2. Know that there is no need to be ashamed of this emotion!  
We all feel it, yes even and I would say ESPECIALLY yogis since we tend to be super senstive souls!  Know that it is arising for a reason and is a powerful message!
3. MOVE! - E-MOTION = Energy In Motion!
 A physical EMBODIMENT practice to shift the energy is highly effective.  Often Yoga & Meditation are great for maintaining the calm but when the red mist descends we need something more powerful!  Movement such as Shaking, Tapping Martial Arts, Expressive Dance & Kundalini Kriyas are all very powerful and can really shift and transform the energy!
Check out my mini-reel for a very powerful Kundalini Kriya:
Now here is the INNER ALCHEMY...

We don't ALWAYS need to RELEASE this energy.. We can and it can feel great to do so BUT - Anger is a powerful energy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it is also the energy of Spring. The energy a bamboo shoot uses to sprout out of the Earth. It uses more energy for this first action than it does for the rest of it's time to grow up to 60ft tall!

So imagine if you can use and TRANSFORM this energy of ANGER into CREATION! Use it to BIRTH a new project or idea?
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Of course there are also MANY tools we can also use to maintain the peace and balance in our life, bodies, minds and soul:
Keep the Liver Happy!
According to TCM the liver is responsible for our Anger.  So if we constantly feed it toxins - Not only Alchohol, fried foods & coffee but also toxic environments, pollution, loud aggressive music or behaviour can also affect it.  Keep it happy by eating lots of bitter greens/green juices!
Yin Yoga

Specifically working with the LIVER MERIDIAN - long holds allow the physical body to open up to the deep fascia and help clear the energetic meridians of blockages, inviting in new fesh energy, prana and Qi!
Meditation Practice
It may seem obvious but even just 5 minutes at the beginning & end of each day to just sit and BREATHE can work wonders on our quality of life.
Essential Oils
Lavendar is my go to for pretty much EVERYTHING!  A few drops in boling hot water to create a steam inhalation (pop a towel over your head and INHALE) instantly calms the nervous system!
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Wishing you all a week of Peace, Joy & Wild Love!

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