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Published: 19/06/2015

New Beginnings

So this month has seen a lot of change.  If ever I feel a little stuck or lost (which seems to be a little more than often of late) the universe pops up to provide little bit sized chunks of excitement to keep my wandering mind from encouraging my feet to follow... 
Firstly, an opportunity came for me to move from my beloved apartment of 2 years to somewhere with a bedroom the size of a shoebox.. (And when I say shoe box I mean there is just room for me to slither out of the bed to reach for something to wear out of the wardrobe and it's probably easier for me to stand on the bed to get dressed than on the tiny rectangle of carpet that is the free floor space,  A shower that gives only 2 minute hot showers (and I mean 2 minutes if that!)...a kitchen that is not exactly the newest..a kind of mint green retro style with a massive burn stain in the sink... ) But all this I see as a quirky charm.. Kind of in the same way you might look at the person you love and despite their hobbit feet or the spot on their right eye (things that others might find ugly) it kind of makes you love them more for being imperfect... Well this is how I feel about my apartment... Because these are small quirks in another wise beautiful space because I have this.....

The view of the ocean.  The waves.. The surf... The sunrise... Every morning... And it's the most wonderful feeling to wake up to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore... 
There's something that has always drawn me to the ocean.. Something about not only the waves but the healing power of the saltwater.  My mum always used to tell me if I had a cut on my knee to swim in the sea as the saltwater was good for it.. But since then I've found it's not only external hurt that it relieves... If I'm ever feeling hurt or angry, lost or alone or even just a bit stressed out with the world, there's nothing like emerging myself in the ocean to wash it all away.. Refresh the mind and re-set the soul...
The second new beginning this month is by far the most exciting... Last year I completed my Yoga teacher training with a great bunch of inspiring individuals and with these same awesome yogis we have come together to launch The Yoga Collective Manly.  One of my good friends and co teacher trainer Nadia has been the main driving force behind it and I'm truly amazed with how it has all come together in such a short space of time.  Each of us using our trades and skills to help with the branding, graphics, website, promotion.. Literally in a matter of weeks it is up and running as a yoga studio run on a community spirit... By the community, for the community.  And that's what makes it so exciting.. We are not a money making power house like many studios out there.. We are, as the name suggests, a collective of yoga teachers and wellness professionals all working together to enhance the community spirit!

And as people came in their droves last weekend to the open day.. Keen to check out the new space.. I had an overwhelming feeling of both admiration and pride.  Admiration for Nadia for having the courage and determination to put into action something that was merely an idea in her head just a few weeks ago.. And pride for each and everyone of us involved in this project.  It just shows what can be achieved if we are all working together to the same goal.  So often in this world people only look out for themselves.. In the work place and also often in life.. Sadly I have probably been guilty of this in the past as have many of us.  The collective wouldn't have been able to happen without every single person being a part of it.. Including every pair of feet who walk through the door.  One person alone can make a difference.. But a whole team can create a revolution... And I like to think that's what we are creating.. Another amazing attribute to this little place we call paradise.. The Manly Community Spirit - It is live and well and at the Yoga Collective Manly.
Please come and visit us soon!
Namaste xxx
PS.  You can also check out our website @ for more details and class timeatables.

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