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Need inspiration for your next yoga retreat? 
Being "Free Spirits" we are constantly exploring and travelling, which means we get to connect with yogis far and wide, so we thought we would share with you our top pick of up and coming retreats... with a bit of a twist (and we don't just mean with your asanas!)...check out these alternative options, run by some of our favourite teachers, and let us introduce you to these gorgeous souls...

Kendra Toothill - Farm Yoga - Buckinghamshire, England
Dates: Aug 18th / Sept 22nd / Oct 20th

We connected with Kendra just recently and was super inspired by her very personal, simplistic and genuine approach to teach yoga to every-body.  Set on 25 acres of farmland and woodland, her retreat goes back to basics - focusing on the pure origins of Yoga - Breathwork, Meditations and Ancient teachings provide you with a solid foundation before moving onto asanas and time to explore the beautiful countryside around you!  Leave with a heart full of love and lungs full of fresh English air!
Click here for more details

Iona Dudley-Ward - Mountain Yoga - Cyprus, Greece
Date: 28th August - 2nd September 2018

We have known Iona for many years and had the pleasure of attending her ashtanga & vinyasa flow classses at More Yoga, London.  If you enjoy high energy and high vibes this is the retreat for you.  Dynamic ashtanga & vinyasa classes in the mornings, complimented by hiking the beautiful Cypriot mountains in the afternoons and relaxing yin classes in the evening...with that view!  What could be more perfect!  A few remaining spots - Click here to book now!

Pradeep Teotia - Jungle Yoga - Nicoya, Costa Rica
Dates: March 2nd-9th 2019
We first met Pradeep at the Om Show London and have since visited his dynamic, spiritual and fun (to the point of laughing out loud - A LOT!) classes in his home town of San Fransisco.  Originally from India, he brings a whole lifetime of yoga and fascinating life expereince to each of his classes and has an overwhelming personal effect on every student of his - in fact they all become his friends!  He is full of wisdom, knowledge and brings an energy to his classes that we just fell in love with!  Join him on his Costa Rica retreat to practice his signature Bhakti style Vinyasa flow and mindful meditation amongst exotic flowers, animals and waterfalls - let yourself be serenaded by the symphony of the jungle!  Limited spots - Click here to book!

Claire Pestaille - Island Yoga - Dalyan Delta, Turkey
Dates - June 10th-17th 2019

We met Claire last year and instantly connected.  She has an energy that shines bright and is genuinely interested in each and every student's practice, journey and well being.  Her experience is vast across all styles of yoga and her creative passion is evident in her dynamic and versatile teachings.  Join her on this jewel of a retreat in the Dalyan Delta, in a secret island resort only accessible by private boat!  Enjoy a mix of Vinyasa and Yin classes, with excursion opportunities to sail to 12 islands, visit turtle beach, thermal springs and lakes while soaking up the Middle Eastern sun and feasting on the outstanding cuisine!  Leave with a full heart and refreshed mind!   Click here for more details.

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