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Published: 11/05/2015

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

One of the things I love about Manly is that it's such a transient place. Probably half of the people are either from here or have been here for a long time.. The other half either passing through or staying for a while because they stumbled across this little piece of paradise and forgot to leave. Never before have I had so many different cultures in a friendship group.. French, Italian, German, Mexican, Columbian, Zimbabwean even!... To name but a few.. We are a melting pot of differences but somehow we have all come together to grow firm bonds in our home by the sea... And I think that's it.. We all share a love for this place.. And appreciate the beach surf lifestyle so much compared to the cities we grew up in.. We've all embraced it and I guess every time there is a beach BBQ or party (most weekends) it's like a little celebration!


The downside is, of course when you form bonds with people for who the time then comes to venture pastures new. The past year has seen some close friends move on, and exciting as it is for new beginnings, there's a little heart string pulling as we say goodbye to another one of the Manly family.. Last year we saw Cat & Adam move to Copenhagen.. Lucy & JC to Spain, Florent back to France and Cat to London.. And now my model, my muse!! The beautiful Amelie is casting her sails and waving Au Revoir for a new chapter in her life. One of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out.. I'm so excited for her new adventures but she will be sorely missed by everyone here.

And it gets me thinking about home and everyone I miss there.. And all the places I have travelled and all the places I still want to travel and how much I would miss those here too.. And how I wish I could pick everyone up that I love in the world and pop them in one place. But trying to tame a free spirit is like telling the wind to stop blowing.. And I should know that as much as anyone. We just have to remember.. Friends are like stars.. We don't always see them but we always know they're there.. It's not au revoir Amelie.. It's A bientot! Xxx Bisous!! Xx

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