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A little insight into the life of Free Spirit - a melting pot of our thoughts, beliefs, suggestions & ideas to inspire you on your path as you journey through life.

The first time I set off to travel the big wide world, I'd quit my job, saved what little I could, put on my backpack and set off on a dream I'd had for at least 10 years.   Everyone I spoke to back then said I was so brave to just quit everything I'd worked so hard for; the big fancy fashion job, for an uncertain road ahead..  what if the money run out too quickly?  What if I couldn't get a job when I got back?  People would ask...  these were not situations I even cared to consider.  The reality was, I didn't feel brave.  I was just determined. 

I'd hit a low point with my job, it had consumed me completely.  Working 14 hour days and being told you're not working hard enough - the fashion industry can be your best friend or your worst enemy with the flip of a coin.  So that day I booked that flight, after a particularly painful, soul destroying,  "Why-the-hell-am-I-working-so-hard-for-this-s**t" kind of meeting, it was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.  When things turn upside down, when life throws you a curve ball, it's rather easy for the these dark milestones to urge us to reassess our lives, see a different perspective and say "f*** it", book a ticket and jump on a plane.  I wasn't brave.  It was the kick up the ass I needed and from my perspective I had nothing to lose.


But now.  I have everything.  I live in what I'm 99% sure is the best place to live in the world.   I have a (not huge) but successful business that provides me with enough that I need.  I have a boyfriend who I love with everything I have and an abundance of gorgeous friends from countries far and wide all settled in this melting pot of Manly Beach.  And I am grateful for it all every single day.


So to leave now.. NOW I feel brave.  


An adventure that my 29 year old self didn't quite finish off is burning inside me.. My feet are itching to explore new lands.. my heart is aching to spend some time with my family and meet my new baby niece (and the super excited 3 year old one!)  I have an incredible nostalgia for Europe.. and an ambition to take the brand to the UK... and maybe the US!  6 months of play - work - explore - dream - discover ... after all Free Spirit by name and nature.. it's almost impossible to stay in one place.. no matter how happy & comfortable we may be.  

We never grow unless we keep moving forward, experiencing new things, learning from other worlds & cultures... and yes the unknown can be scary..  but sometimes.. when everything's almost perfect.. it is just too irrestistible to throw everything up in the air, out in to the universe... to see what amazing things can happen.  And then the only possible transportation... is a leap of faith.


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