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Introducing our brand new collection of Eco-Yoga Leggings!  
We are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly fibres and fabrics here at Free Spirit, and have worked closely with our factories to bring you this beautiful range!  
Every year a shocking 32 billion plastic bottles end up in the ocean or land fill every year!... It takes approximately 32 of them, recycled, to make a pair of our luscious leggings... Small Changes.  Big Impact.
Ultra smooth & compact fabric, moisture wicking, high waist & 4 way stretch - your perfect eco friendly yoga pant.
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Available in 4 Limited Edition Designs:
The Pachamama Legging

Designed with inspiration from the Inca culture in Peru. The Pachamama design incorporates all that is sacred of Mother Earth. The dreamcatcher shows the three spirit animals - the Puma for strength, the snake for knowledge and the condor for spirit, amongst a powerful back drop of sacred & stormy mountains.
The Wanderlust Legging
Designed with inspiration from our passion to wander & explore the world! The soft pastel tribe patterns are a mixture of Aztec markings, binded together to form a path that leads us “around the world”. Soft sketches of compasses are also incorporated to encourage us to find our True North - even in a handstand!
The Hamsa Legging

The Hamsa hand symbolises the Hand of God or the Universe. In all faiths it is a protective sign and brings the owner (or wearer!) luck, happiness, good health & good fortune. The waistband features a lotus design which signifies purity of the body & mind and freedom from attachment & desire.


The Allhambra Legging
Designed with inspiration from the Alhambra fort & palace in Granada, Spain. The influence of the Middle East in Andalucia hundreds of years ago is still present today. The intricate patterns in the tiles can be seen all over this beautiful city, creating a maze of wonderment... we loved it so much - we wanted to wear it, so we made it into a legging!
All Free Spirit garments are made by skilled workers in South India in factories we visit on a regular basis, to ensure both high quality and fair standards.
Our factories are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Fibre) certified and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring no toxic dyes or chemicalsare used.  We monitor every process, right from the raw fibre being spun into yarn, made into fabric, dyed, washed, printed cut and sewn. All these processes happen within the same town which not only cuts down production time but also our carbon footprint
To read more about our ethics click here

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