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Organic Cotton is now a pre-requisite for many ethcially conscious clothing brands, including us!  But what actually is the difference between Organic & Non Organic Cotton?

Regular Non Organic Cotton farming starts with genetically modified seeds, and is grown on the same soil over and over again, degrading soil quality, removing nutrients and leading to unhealthy crops. Since these crops require more water, they are irrigated heavily, resulting in a huge amount of water being wasted

However, Organic cotton, like that used for all Free Spirit Tops & Sweaters, is grown from natural seeds, and there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, making them safer for the skin.

The crops of Organic Cotton are rotated from one soil to another and the nutrients retain water for longer, requiring less irrigation and using much less water.

Processing of regular Non Organic Cotton also uses a large amount of chemicals. Even after washing the finished products, the residue of these chemicals remains on the Non Organic Cotton and can cause serious skin allergies.

Several people can suffer from skin problems like eczema because of regular Non Organic cotton products.  Organic cotton uses safer alternatives to chemical dyes and whiteners;

Natural or water-based dyes, and other safer products are used to manufacture and finish Orgnanic Cotton garments and all our tops and sweaters - in fact all the cotton we use is Organic Cotton!

The Organic Cotton we use to make our garments is grown in the South of India, where it is also washed, spun in yarn, dyed and sewn - in fact every process from start to finish to make your Free Spirit Yogawear happens within a 10km radius!  Cutting down unecessary transit between countries (which often happens with many other manufacturers!) and therefore cuts down our carbon footprint saving on fuel & energy consumption.

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