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People are often shocked at the tiny size of my luggage when I travel, but I wasn't always this way.

I used to be the girl who would use the full allowance of 20kg on a 2 week holiday, and come back having only worn half of it, but now years later after having backpacked the world several times over and now constantly transitioning from place to place with this “digital nomad” lifestyle, I have quickly realised the essentials that I need, and what can be left at home.


Letting Go

The first part (and where the yoga comes in!) is practising the art of non-attachment and letting go emotionally of all the things you think you need in your life. Packing for your holiday, trip or yoga retreat is actually a great place to start and in turn may even help you live more simply. Do you NEED all those bottles in your cosmetic bag? All those shoes to go with each and every outfit? Just changing your mindset can have a huge impact in lightening your load!

Packing & Re Packing

This part is quite time consuming but it gets easier and quicker with practice!  First take your chosen carry on size case (or bag) and lay it on the bed.  Then pull out and lay beside it everything you wish to take.  This way you can see everything clearly rather than automatically layering it on top and forgetting what you packed.  Now you see everything... remove half. Yes...HALF!  You will still have too much but this is the best and simplest way to get ruthless with what you actually need! Then try and pack the case, see if what you have left fits. If not slowly filter out until it does.

Reduce Bulky Items

Depending on the type of holiday or retreat you are going on depends on the type of clothing you need to pack. If it's a warm climate, one light sweater only will suffice.  In colder climates, instead of taking several thick jumpers and knits, buy a set of thermal layers and a mirco fleece - plus your favourite sweater will be plenty.

Remember you can buy stuff there!

This applies to pretty much every item you might want to take. Clothes, cosmetics, medicine... I'm not suggesting you go on a spending spree but the majority of places/countries will have everything you need and often for a cheaper price... just remember your passport and credit card! 

1. A Good Travel Mat – Invest in a lightweight travel mat, that can be folded – we love this "Wild Paws" one from Yogi Bare - and what's more, they plant a tree for every mat you buy!

 2. Comfy Tanks or Tees – A good quality fabric that keeps you cool and is quick drying. Try our Organic Cotton & Bamboo yoga tanks, and help a child in poverty at the same time - We donate 5% of all sales to the HOPE Foundation.


3. Pretty Yoga Bras - Add a bit of colour to your practice with Yummy Yoga Girl's breathable yoga bras, all with removeable cups.

4. Some Bad Ass Leggings! - A second skin that can take you from day tonight, and even when you sweat, they don't stink afterwards!  Try our Australian Made leggings by Flow Yogawear:...


5. 2 x Pairs of Shoes (Yes we said just 2!) - One pair for fitness/gym/walking/hiking, and one pair of flip flops.  Try a fun but classic design that can take you from day to night.  We love these by our friends at Moeloco, that leave a positive message in the sand when you walk, plus donate to our chosen charity, the The HOPE Foundation.

6. A Cosy Sweater for cooler nights, plane journeys or when they decide to crank up the AC! - Try our fave Savasana Sweater made from 100% Super Soft Cotton.

7. A Journal – Try some non-attachment from your phone on your trip and use the time to journal instead for a more mindful and peaceful retreat.

8. A Home Comfort  - For me?  Twinings Peppermint Tea Bags! – They are my go to, no matter where I am in the world (and I've wound up in some weird and scary places sometimes!) If I have my peppermint tea before bed, all is safe and good!

What item can't you travel without?

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