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One Wave

We discovered the "One Wave is All it Takes" community when we saw a group of people going surfing dressed in crazy fluro outfits one sunny Friday morning on Manly beach. I since then realised that Fluro Fridays have been going for 3 years, originating in Bondi and now spreading to more than 50 beaches worldwide, to raise awareness for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

The guys at One Wave are doing an amazing job, not only raising awareness but helping to reduce a stigma by getting people to talk openly, starting conversations and letting people know that "it's ok not be ok." That's what Fluro Fridays are for. Mental illness doesn't discriminate and neither should we, and scarily it affects 1 in 5 of us at some point in our lives..

One Wave have also helped thousands of people get into the water through their Surf program which helps combat mental illnesses through learning how to surf. When you're in the water, whether you're feeling the rush of adrenaline when you catch a wave, or getting crashed by one... making new friends, feeling the support of others and being a part of nature, it all helps bit by bit.


Fluro Fridays

Fluro Friday Surfs already take place every Friday in Bondi, Manly and other beaches up and down the coast of Australia, every Friday at 6:30am. Everyone is invited to come along and bring friends/mums/dads/kids/dogs etc, even if you don't surf, you are welcome to come and swim or just join the group for a chat and come and support this amazing cause!

For more information on how One Wave are making a huge difference to people's lives please visit their website at:

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