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Retreat FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need any yoga, movement or dance experience?

Not at all. Whether you are a yogi interested in moving outside the mat, a dancer wanting to develop a more conscious practice or a complete beginner in both, my retreats are designed for each and every BODY – all it requires is an open mind & heart!


Which language are the retreats in?

This retreat will be held in English. So it is recommended that your English is well enough, if you are not native, however I do speak Spanish and am able to translate when necessary.



What is the average age of participants?  Are they exclusively for women?

The average age of participants is between 25 and 50 – but all welcome!  Yoga retreats in general do seem to attract more women but I do encouarge and hold space for any Men wanting to join, especially on the Italy Farm Retreat!  The "Wild Women's Weekend Retreat" and Inner Goddess Retreats are women only.


What if I don’t want to partake in all classes?

This is YOUR retreat. If you need to take rest, space for yourself or simply feel like doing your own thing at any time, please feel free - I always welcome Free Spirits! :)


Is everything included in the retreat?

Yes, all accommodation, food and classes are included in the retreats. Also the guided nature hikes and full use of retreat centre's facilities/grounds.  Flights are not included, and transfers depends on each indiviudual retreat - nevertheless we can help you arrange these in advance - please get in touch!


This retreat sounds great, but what happens when I am back home again?

Sometimes it can be challenging to be back at home. At your request I can create a personal practice for you to either do alone, or with me online & I will also check in with you personally when the retreat ends and see if there is anything you need.


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