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Published: 12/02/2021

5 Ways to Spread Love

Although I have never been a big fan of the whole commercial aspect of Valentine's Day, I am a big fan of anything and everything that promotes LOVE in this world!

So it felt like the right time to write a little blog post on the one thing that makes the World go round!

With all the recent events of the past year and indeed ongoing it really can seem like the world is full of quite the opposite – fear and hatred. But now more than ever we must look beyond what is being force fed us by the media.. because there are tiny miracles (and huge miracles!) of love happening every day in the world that often go un-noticed! We are highly intelligent & highly intuitive beings - remember we have a choice to who & what we listen to, watch & read.. we have a choice on our own thoughts, words and actions.. and just like hate breeds hate, fear breeds fear.. love indeed breeds LOVE.


Here's 5 ways you can keep spreading the LOVE!

1. First Love Yourself!

This is absolutely the most important thing - We cannot give from an empty cup! The importance of loving and taking care of ourselves first is essential to helping & caring for anyone else. Just think.. if you are not in a balanced calm state and you are giving your energy to someone else.. then what are you actually giving them? And be honest when it comes to this question.. because if the love, care or act of kindness does not come from a peaceful, unconditional place it could end up in resentment or have an attachment to something being reciprocated. Take as much time to feed your own soul, doing the things you really love – painting, dancing, singing, surfing, taking a walk in nature, a hot bath, yoga, MEDITATE DAILY – when we have a calm soul and deep love for the self, the rest flows so much easier – your cup will be so full of love you will not be able to help it from flowing into the lives of others!


2. Be Compassionate

Everyone is on their own journey, has their own story and may not have practiced point one of loving themselves! This is often then projected onto others through negative words, actions, outbursts of anger or frustration. It might be a snide comment from someone or somebody cutting you off in traffic.. it might be someone you love taking their bad day out on you. But remember you have a CHOICE in your actions and you can choose to react & reflect their negativity OR you can choose to BREATHE & respond from a place of LOVE rather than hate. This may mean you need to take a step away, or take a breath and speak calmly to the person to express how you feel without sparking an argument. People's reactions and behaviours are a reflection of them and NOT of you – when we become aware of this it becomes much easier to forgive them and just let it go.


3.  Random Acts of Kindness

We are naturally & intuitively designed to give...when we do random acts of kindness it releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain and makes us feel good! So often we can get stuck in the ME, MY, I cycle with daily work/life stresses we forget to look up and around.. Consciously working small acts of kindness into your daily life can make a big difference to your mood, your day AND somebody else's day! Start by at least one small gesture a day, being it letting somebody in front of you in the queue at the supermarket, baking a cake and sharing it with friends or neighbours, or giving a free yoga workshop online! When we get used to behaving in this way it becomes a habit and naturally encourages others to do the same!


4. Meditate LOVE

Whether you have one hour or one minute per day to just stop and breathe.. integrate the practice of sharing LOVE energy into your meditation. Focus on the heart chakra.. breathe deep into the heart space and with every inhale, breathe in love, and with every exhale send that love out into the world, to all beings, to all things. There is a higher power far above and beyond what many of us understand, but our job is not to understand it.. only to trust, feel, and connect back to source to raise the vibrations of the planet and spread pure love divine energy. Whether you believe in this or not.. positivity breeds positivity, everything is energy and collectively we can heal the world with LOVE.  You can join our LIVE IGTV Guided Meditation on Love Friday 19th at 4pm (UK Time) with the amazing Ellen Aarts.  Ellen also has a free 1 hour Valentine's Self Love Meditation on Sunday 14th February at 19:30pm (UK Time) which you can join here!


5. Tell someone you love them!

I am not talking just about your immediate spouse or family – however, often these are the ones we take for granted the most! When was the last time you told your partner, mum, dad or sibling that you love them? It might seem mushy.. and it might seem unnecessary.. but even done in a subtle way – like writing “You make me smile” on a sticky note and putting it on the bathroom mirror can be enough to spread those little love vibrations that make their way around the Earth! If you are missing someone.. TELL THEM.. if you hear a song that reminds you of someone, SEND IT TO THEM, if there's a friend on the other side of the world you didn't speak to for 5 years and now you think it's too late, just GET IN TOUCH.. tell them you are thinking of them.. all these things are guaranteed to make someone's heart smile..


and finally.. my last important point – Lose the attachment about receiving... just KNOW and TRUST that YOU ARE LOVED... and all these actions you take are like little ripples, making their way around the Earth.. making a difference to so many people and of course they make their way back to you.. like a beautiful cupid's arrow, dancing in all directions, and filling every open heart in it's path.


PS.  A great way to start is by sharing this blog post!


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