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We may think that the escalating issue of plastic in our oceans is majorly at the fault of big global companies but in fact if every person took into account the amount of plastic they use and throw away on a day to day basis, and changed their daily habits we could make a huge difference.

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It's becoming more and more common that we see garments made from recycled plastic bottles... but aren't they itchy or sweaty to wear?  Especially for yoga pants?  Well in fact, not only are they environmentally friendly but they are actually super soft, breathable and protect from UV rays!  

Read on to find out exactly how they are made!

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Introducing our brand new collection of Eco-Yoga Leggings!  
We are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly fibres and fabrics here at Free Spirit, and have worked closely with our factories to bring you this beautiful range!  
Every year a shocking 32 billion plastic bottles end up in the ocean or land fill every year!... It takes approximately 32 of them, recycled, to make a pair of our luscious leggings... Small Changes.  Big Impact.
Ultra smooth & compact fabric, moisture wicking, high waist & 4 way stretch - your perfect eco friendly yoga pant.
Scroll down to see the range or view the full collection here!

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I didn’t used to be cool about this.  In the past I’ve been in relationships where the thought of even a weekend away by myself wouldn’t even cross my mind, let alone a 3 month long backpacking adventure.. 

The first time I ever experienced travelling alone was 8 years ago.. when a break up and a break down at work propelled me to take the leap (like so many others) to follow my dream, quit my job and travel the world..  and I’ve never looked back.

It’s a shame that we often have to experience these “Do or die” type moments to have such a leap of faith but I’m learning more and more to just act on what I want to do rather than be restricted by circumstance, and least of all by another person..

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We are honoured to announce a beautiful new collaboration with a Sydney based charity - Fighting Chance, a social enterprise that provide employment to people with a disability, paid at award wage.
They harness the skills of a diverse and unique workforce to deliver all kinds of services to small businesses, such as Free Spirit (including shipping your orders!) and at the same time allow people that may find it hard to gain employment in a standard work environment, to have a fighting chance.

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By purchasing one of our products you are also helping a child living in poverty go to school! We donate 3 months worth of educational material for every T-shirt you buy. For more information click here

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