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It's becoming more and more common that we see garments made from recycled plastic bottles... but aren't they itchy or sweaty to wear?  Especially for yoga pants?  Well in fact, not only are they environmentally friendly but they are actually super soft, breathable and protect from UV rays!  

Read on to find out exactly how they are made!

The Science 


The majority of yoga pants on the market are made from polyethylene (PET) which is actually a type of polyester also used to make plastic bottles.

The production of conventional polyester involves huge quantities of water, chemicals and use of fossil fuels, mainly petroleum (yuk!) The raw materials can be toxic, pollute water and air and cause several health issues.

By using only recycled polyester to make our yoga pants, we bypass this whole process.

Not only does recycling prevent millions of plastic bottles from our ocean and landfill, thus less soil contamination & water pollution, but it also overcomes many disadvantages of conventional polyester.

In fact, by using the recycled method, it takes 70% less energy.   Isn't that a huge difference?!


  • RECYCLED PET requires 86% less water than regular polyester

  • RECYCLED PET consumes 70% less energy than regular polyester

  • The CO2 emissions of RECYCLED PET are 75% lower

  • 1 pair of our yoga pants can keep 32 water bottles out of environment

  • Using RECYCLED PET helps us to not only keep plastic out of the landfills and oceans, but also to save our natural resources.


The Step by Step


So you throw your plastic water bottle in the recycling trash... what happens then? 

Step 1:

The bottles are collected and bought by a recycling company – (that's right, there are people that actually buy your waste!) They then take them to their recycling plant where they first undergo a flotation and separation process which removes the caps and labels from the bottles. 

Step 2:

The clear plastic bottles are then sterilised, dried and crushed into small chips. The chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn, which are then wound up into spools to form a fibre

Step 3.

The fibre is then passed through a crimping machine to create a fluffy texture, similar to that of raw cotton.

Step 4:

The yarn is then baled, dyed (we always use non-toxic dyes!) and knitted into polyester fabric

Step 5:

The fabric is then printed, cut and sewn and ready to be your new favourite yoga pant!

Just think - Five million plastic bottles that could have been choking marine life or filling up landfills have been given a second chance!


What happens when you're done with your yoga pants?


Because the recycled polyester we use is of high quality, they should last you a very long time!

We do not encourage a fast fashion society, but we understand that needs, circumstances and body sizes change!  So if and when the time is come to part with your beloved leggings, either pass them to another gorgeous soul OR take them to your nearest clothing recycle bin so they can be recycled into... another pair of yoga pants!

Yes that's right! Any garments made from recycled polyester can be recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimise wastage.


What about Micro Plastics?


Micro plastics are a real issue and something that is of course of our concern. If you've read the rest of this article then you now realise that all polyester is in fact derived from a “plastic” of some form, which actually makes up at least 60% of the average person's wardrobe today - just check the care label on your garments!  You may be surprised!

Micro plastics are small tiny particles that are too miniscule to be filtered by our washing machines, so get absorbed into the waste water when washing them - The good news is, studies show that this amount is reduced with recycled polyester by 55%!

Nevertheless the problem is still there. So what can we do as consumers?  Vouch to never buy polyester products again?

In today's world there are many natural & organic options, and it is indeed something we are passionate about, which is why all our tops and sweaters are made from organic cotton & bamboo.

However when it comes to yoga pants, polyester in fact has many advantageous qualities that cannot be replicated with natural fibres, such as durability, stretch and even UV protection, so choosing recycled options dramatically reduces the impact both we have as a retailer, and you the consumer have on the environment.

You can read more about our ethical production here.

Thank you for your continued support! If you have any queries about this article or any of our products please email us at


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