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Published: 02/04/2015

The Perfect Storm

As a non-native of Australia I think I disguise myself pretty well. A casual attire of thongs (yes I call them thongs), cut off denim shorts and a simple comfy t-shirt (often a Free Spirit one, yes) seems to be my mainstream... I do yoga and surf daily (neither even occured to me in England)... I've started going up at the end of my sentences and call everyone dude or dudette without even thinking... It is safe to say that after 3 years living in this laid back, optimistic, sunny part of the world I have dug my heels into the sand and transitioned seamlessly into Aussie life. However there is one thing I still can't get to grips with....and that's the fact that the Summer, as much as I love it and have loved the last few months of hot days and balmy nights...has just started to feel a bit long. Is it totally ungrateful of me to say that I'm a bit over it..? Ok it is. I know. My homeland just the other week was covered in snow and I'm complaining about being too hot... Ok well let's just say, I am a little excited for the beginning of Autumn. And as if perfectly on cue, Last Month - 1st March...officialy the last day of Summer, our dear Mother Nature decided to give us a spectacular storm to mark the end if it. Clear blue skies all day and then this happened...

Out of nowhere came the dark grey clouds swirling in the sky...the packed beach almost emptied... the tides turned in a blink of an eye from messy white water to rolling barrels... lightning forked far out to sea...and then the rain came...monsoon like... not just polite English rain that apologetically can't decide if it wants to rain or not but RAIN... raining cats & dogs and elephants rain, go out you get soaked in two seconds rain, the kind of rain that washes all your cares & troubles away, the kind of rain that secretly you want to be sharing a passionate kiss in as if you were in a scene out of Notting Hill (or maybe that’s just me?)...the kind of rain that makes you look up to the sky and think WOW what a wonderful world we live in!

This Summer my life changed dramtically - I quit my 9-5 job, I embarked on a journey unknown to follow my heart, set up my own business and also train to become a Yoga instructor...I decided to learn how to surf, learn Spanish (I’m still learning both!) invest time in myself and follow my advice that I am forever giving other people to “Do what makes you happy”...But if I ever become complacent, the universe is always there to remind me how quickly things can change...This was the perfect way to end a perfect summer and a perfect reminder to be grateful for everything I have... forever grateful, rain or shine to live in this beautiful place. Evanecently enhanced by the Perfect Storm.

Photograph courtesy of @chillsurf

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