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Published: 18/01/2024

What is Feminine Embodiment

And why is it important?  I share my personal story here that I know is relevant to SO many women...
Feminine Embodiment is a term you might be hearing more and more recently. You might practice it already. You might be curious to learn more. You might be asking, is it relevant for me? And guess what – actually it doesn't only apply to women!

We all hold masculine and feminine energies within us and we call upon these energies at the necessary times. For example – work, thinking, doing – Yang qualities are all using our masculine energy.

Feminine embodiment is the cultivation of qualities such as intuition, receptivity, empathy, compassion, and nurturing – the Yin to the Yang.

Be honest. How much of your time are you cultivating these naturally feminine qualities?

As modern women in today's world, where the majority of us have full time jobs, careers or our own businesses (whether we have children or not) – we spend a large percent of our time giving & doing. The conditioning of taking rest only when we feel “we deserve it” after a busy time is set so deep within some of us it is hard to even recognise it. (And I am fully aware as I write this, I really should be resting!) Unfortunately there is a huge general imbalance of the divine feminine within many women, and in the past myself included..
My Story..

5 years ago, in Free Spirit's early days, I was running my eco friendly online brand, and teaching yoga. I had quit my 9-5 job and was loving life. I surfed every day, did beach fitness classes, yoga, ate healthily and had a good community around me. But my menstruation had stopped.. for 2 years in fact. I had many tests but nothing wrong was found. I also had recurring chronic pain in my left hip and thought a daily yoga practice would eventually "fix it", unaware that it was all connected.  But something inside told me I had to change something. I had to rest. REALLY REST and do something for myself that did not involve work, fitness or even yoga..
I signed up to a Rest & Reset “yoga” retreat which was 100% restorative and meditation. It was SO hard for me to spend 5 days with no movement and no laptop.. but it was the shift I needed to get back to my body. A couple of weeks later I finally got my period after 2 years. I cried tears of relief and joy. And that was the moment my journey of Feminine Embodiment began.

I was never interested in talking to other women about our bodies, or our cycles. Even the thought of it made me cringe. I would much rather be “having fun” playing on the beach.. But now I see how absolutely essential it is. I was ignoring my body and it's messages to me. I thought I was a “Yogi” but I was ignoring all that powerful feminine wisdom that lies within!


The Transformation..

Over time I have transformed what was a very yang Power Yoga practice into one where I move from Intuition. I started to explore different dance styles and found how being a follower in partner dance (Salsa/Bachata) invited the opportunity to surrender – another feminine quality. I started to take more care of my body – I've never been one for “hair and make-up” but I started to get regular massages or simply massage myself, connecting with my body. I practiced receiving and learned to ASK when I needed help – learning that when we GIVE all the time we also deny the opportunity for others to give.
All these practices have helped me really know and listen to my body's needs – taking actions from here instead of from the mind ultimately has lead me to a much more peaceful and balanced life. I still do yang practices of course, I still work, I still do Capoeira with the boys even – when I feel in that energy, but I am much more conscious of balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the body, and consciously make specific dates with myself for divine feminine time.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I know that there a so many women out there just like I was, that either haven't had a menstruation for quite some time or that are stuck in their bodies, in their decisions or in their actions. Energy and emotion literally get stuck in our bodies and our physical practices become more machine like than intuitive. Many suffer from chronic pain and we end up "blocking off" that area.  We forget how to move or even think for ourselves – anxiety is common because we are stuck in our minds and we can become unable to move forward.
Finding Freedom Through Movement
When we start to free blockages in our physical body, this in turn unlocks blockages in our emotional and energetic bodies. When we find flow in our physical body, we see how that Qi, that life force energy, flows into other parts of our life. That is why I am so passionate about sharing my Intuitive & Embodied Movement practices – I have seen so many women go through huge transformations from integrating an Embodiment practice and know it can help so many others.

5 Key Feminine Embodiment Practices you can start today:

Spend time in Nature 
Mother Earth herself IS the essence of feminine embodiment. She naturally holds and nourishes us. Even just a few moments in the forest, by the ocean , a river, a park – observing nature's rythyms and cycles, sounds, sights, smells.. walking barefoot, smelling a flower, touching a leaf, hugging a tree – all help re-connect us with divine feminine energy.

Physical touch of your own body – each morning light tapping and a mini massage of each area to check in how your body is doing and what it needs and move through the emotions.
Fluid / Soft & Intuitive Movements
Close your eyes, put on some sensual music and FEEL how your body wants to move. Try to soften, draw circles with each part of the body and FEEL where the blockages are. When you feel a blockage, use the movement to work into that area.

Put yourself in at least one situation where you are receiving. Whether that is letting someone cook for you, bring you a cup of tea, hold the door for you, carry your bag, a warm hug.. and if it doesn't happen naturally than ASK. Asking for help is also a practice.
Create & enJOY
Dive into your natural creativity and spend some time creating purely for JOY. Whether it is painting, writing, dancing, singing.. try not to have an end goal and simply enjoy the process
Feminine Embodiment – 20mins Practice

A simple practice you can do any time of day just to re-set, re-connect to your body, your intuition, your divine feminine essence!

THIS Saturday 20th January
10am GMT / 11am Europe / 8pm AEST
Tune in on or save it and catch up after 
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