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Published: 08/01/2024

How to Attract Abundance in 2024

2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8
The Number of Abundance
You may have heard already, but 2024 is set to be a very powerful year.

Astrologically there is a lot of powerful shifts happening with the planets, it is the year of the mighty Dragon in the Chinese Calendar and yes the numerology also adds up.. But how can this really benefit us on a personal level?
How can we ride this energy to help bring more abundance into our own lives?

Firstly, I really believe the key to living an abundant life is being grateful for all the tiny miracles we already have in our life. Then it becomes more about having less and BEING more.. We have been conditioned into a society where “lack” is the focus – never enough time, money, love.. always striving for more.. pushing for bigger, better, faster..


There is so much beauty around, so much joy to be found in the tiniest of pleasures.. so much wisdom in the slightest of conversations.. so much kindness in the smallest of actions..

Starting a gratitude journal where you write down 3 things that you have been grateful for each day can really help to create a positive habit to help shift your mind set. One of my friends even has an alarm set on his phone at 5pm everyday to remind him.. so if that helps you then do it! Slowly with practice, you will start to experience so many miracles in life because you are opening yourself to receiving them.

Secondly, as with any manifestations that we want to attract into our life, be it more love, more wealth, better health – we have to ask what is our intention?Does it support our soul's purpose? Does it help others and support the collective or are we just self indulging? This can be a tricky one to identify.. but that doesn't mean that we should all be living barefoot in a forest living off love & light alone (though what a dreamy life that would be!)

We can attract serious wealth but what is our ultimate dream? If it is soley for self pleasure, greed, gluttony then the universe will likely not favour us so kindly.. (and if it appears to, it will come with consequences!) BUT if that wealth helps support us to live our best life which in turn helps us to serve others, to serve the collective, then there is a big difference.
For example – I would like enough wealth to own a beautiful rooftop apartment in Tarifa (with no noisy neighbours!), to receive regular massages and pedicures, and a campervan I can take on weekend road trips. What is my intention? A peaceful space to live (and to own) means I can CREATE
I can make online classes (which people keep asking me for!), I can study in a peaceful environment.. and self practice without interruption so I can keep sharing yoga, dance & healing movement with the world. Regular massages and pedicures help keep my physical body healthy and balanced, again essential for teaching and holding space for others... and the campervan? It gives me the freedom to explore, it feeds my “Free Spirit”, allows me the adventures that I always learn so much from and hope to inspire others with.

These desires.. these manifestations will be different for each and everyone of us.. but I invite you to just keep checking in with what you actually want of your dream life and why? Keep asking the questions..

And thirdly.. what blockages do we have that are preventing us from receiving this abundance?  Subconsciously we can hold feelings of unworthiness that hold us back from our true potential.  If we are not aware of these, we can find ourselves filling our time with “distractions” that are not aligned with our soul purpose or our dream life.. then we are not giving a clear message to the universe what we actually want..
How do we identify & clear these blockages?

Want to know more about attracting Abundance in 2024?

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Sending you blessings upon blessings for this New Year ahead!


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